New Homes

If you are building, we can begin working with you and your home designer prior to construction to select the placement and elevation of the home on your property. Layout of driveways, walkways, entries and terraces can also begin taking shape at this time. As your home is constructed, we will continue to develop plans for landscaping and outdoor living spaces with your input and direction.

Existing Homes

If you are looking to improve the setting of your existing home by re-landscaping, adding a new patio, deck, pool, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, fire pit, or any other outdoor spaces and amenities, we will work with you to develop a creative and distinctive plan that meets your needs and budget.


Design Services

  1. Site analysis and topographic studies
  2. Site planning including:
    1. Grading plans
    2. Entry drive and walk layout
    3. Terracing
    4. Location of other site buildings or amenities
    5. Athletic field, court or facility layout
  3. Landscape architectural design including:
    1. Planting designs
    2. Patio and deck layout
    3. Pool and hot tub areas
    4. Outdoor kitchen areas
    5. Water features
    6. Landscape lighting